Caponniere Fort VI Showcase

Introduction – Fort VI located in Wilrijk (University of Antwerp) is home to several recreational associations. Next to student societies a museum of the special forces of the Belgian Army is located on the site. Because the university has expanded during the last decade the demand for new accommodation became more urgent. After fruitful negotiations under auspices of ORC-A it was agreed upon that the caponniere of Fort VI would be restored. It would be the future home to the university’s sports association.

MiLANT contributed to this project by showing how a restored caponniere would look like. In an initial phase the whole building, walls and vaults were measured using laser meters. Based on some indicative drawings and maps an illustrator file (scale 1 to 1) was made and imported in Sketchup. Normally 3DSMax would be used to do most of the virtual reconstruction but this was not possible because of the agreed deadline. The model was ported into Octane Render and some native material was applied (based on initial Substance Designer files made earlier). The final results were presented to the university and the special forces association. Some months later the caponniere welcomed a wider audience.