Fort II Wommelgem

Fort II Wommelgem
Fort II Wommelgem

Description – Fort II is located in Wommelgem. It was part of the veiligheidstelling and sometimes erronously identified as Fort Borsbeek.

Construction & Armament – This fort was constructed between 1859 and 1864 as Brialmont brick fort. It features a moat with water and a central reduit. It was based on an altered design of Fort III since it featured an armoured coupola at the central reduit (never built).


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Commander 1914 – Capt. Baudelet

Current condition РIn 1914 the fort had to send reinforcements to Fort I Wijnegem since part of the garrison had deserted. To the south it commanded the Redoubts I and II. When these were abandoned the guns were disabled and the fort was evacuated on October 9th. Part of the garrison reached the Netherlands. Fort II has largely been preserved but some parts have been demolished. The Belgian Army left the site in 1975. Later the community of Wommelgem was able to buy the terrains and the fort. The reduit is in good condition and can be visited since it houses several recreational clubs. A sports field was constructed filling part of the moat.

Sources – Own elaboration; Jacobs, W.; De Wit, G.

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