Fort III Borsbeek

Description – Fort III is located near Borsbeek and close to the airport of Antwerp (Deurne).

Construction & Armament РDespite its name it was the first Brialmont fort to be built. Hence it has several features that are not found at other forts. It features a moat with water, a central reduit but the caponni̬res located at the flanks are unique. It was reenforced with concrete.

Armament –

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Current condition РThe fort is in bad condition since the Belgian Army abandoned the site in 1975 but some parts can be visited freely. The central reduit is badly damaged and the moat has been filled. Luckily the unique flanking caponni̬res are still present. Some construction works by the German forces during WO II are present. Since the fort is located close to the commercial airport of Antwerp, an expansion would require parts of the fort to be demolished.

Sources – Own elaboration; De Wit, G.