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Redoubt XVI

Redoubt XVI
Redoubt XVI

Description – Redoubt XVI of the Veiligheidsomwalling is a small redoubt located between  Fort VII and Redoubt XV to the east and  Redoubt XVII to the west. Fort VIII Hoboken is found to the west but was not included in the defensive positions.

Construction & Armament – This concrete redoubt was constructed between 1910 and 1912. It is considered to be standard redoubt featuring artillery and secured the interval between two adjacent forts. The redoubt featured a wet moat but has only one floor. It is smaller than the design of the Hoofdweerstandstelling redoubt. One cupola was built in front of the redoubt: it had one 75mm gun installed. Two 75mm guns secured the intervals.

Armament – Veiligheidsomwalling Redoubt

  • 3x 75mm fortress gun

Current condition – Redoubt XVI was completed when the Great War broke out in 1914. It is not known if it participated in any defensive actions. The redoubt still exists and can be visited free of charge. Based on the damage to the front cupola building it is likely that the garrison destroyed it when they evacuated. It is in quite reasonable condition, some graffiti present. The moat is still present although a bit overgrown. It serves as a playground for children who use the bumpy terrain as a mountain bike course. The site can be accessed by the Moerelei but is difficult to reach by car.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.