Welcome to the website of Military Heritage Antwerp or MiLANT for short. This site and project is dedicated to preserve and restore the military buildings near the city of Antwerp. The city and port are known worldwide for their cultural and economic attractiveness.

Less known however is the military heritage that surrounds prosperity and trade. It is our belief that – in spite of being less know or even being appreciated –  this legacy is a crucial part of Antwerp and its surrounding local communities. It is our mission to give you a preview of what is out there. First MiLANT aims to offer a general introduction to Antwerp’s military heritage to a non-expert audience. Second this project will recreate these in an immerse 3D environment using CryEngine 4 and Octane Render.

We invite you to explore with us this intriguing and fascinating story of wealth, architecture and technology. By clicking the Browse Overview or Map Overview buttons in the main menu you can start your journey. Alternatively the categories on the left offer a quick start if you are more experienced. Are you looking for a specific topic? Give the search function a try in the upper right corner. All comments and suggestions are appreciated – please contact us at the about page.

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