About MiLANT

About this website

This website aims to offer  an overview of different military-based or related buildings and structures in and around Antwerp. Since a complete historical roundup would be a very daunting and time-consuming task we focus on some specific highlights. nevertheless Military Heritage Antwerp (MiLANT for short) aims to document, comment on and digitally restore forts, redoubts and various buildings near built between 1850 and 1918 on a non-commercial basis. Structures of other eras are included where possible.

This website uses English since it aims to address both domestic and international audiences. Most sources were written in French, Dutch and in some cases English or German and are therefore less accessible to the broader public.

Documenting the forts and various buildings is done by using and citing available knowledge from different sources. Digital restoration as an applied concept entails measuring and recreating demolished structures while restoring existing ones. This process will be done as accurately as possible using state-of-the-art software and hardware. These include but are not limited to: computer-aided-design (CAD), unbiased render software and geographic information services (GIS).