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Showcase Fort Saint Philip

The fort of Saint Philip (Fort Sint-Filips) is located near Kallo (Eastern-Flanders) on the right bank of the river Scheldt. It guarded the nautical access to the port of Antwerp. MiLANT takes a special interest in forts that are located near this river. They are considered to be maritime heritage sites and are unique. This fort is a true coastal battery with large caliber guns (280mm and 240mm) but unfortunately its remains are covered by sand. The site is polluted and very dangerous to access.

Based on photographs, schematics and oral feedback MiLANT has partly restored this fort to its former splendor. Initial drawings were made with SketchUp. Final rendering was carried out using V-RAY. Both programs are not in use by MiLANT since Autodesk 3DSMax and Octane Render are more suitable alternatives. It is our hope that this fort would one day be restored and used as a visiting center to the port of Antwerp or maritime heritage.