Fort Broechem

Description – The fort of Broechem is a concrete (armored) fort of the second order with merged caponnieres. It is part of the hoofdweerstandstelling and is located in the eastern corner of the Antwerp defensive positions.  To the north one finds the redoubt of Massenhoven and the fort of Kessel to the south.

Construction & Armament – The fort was made out of unarmed concrete and construction commenced in 1906. In 1914 it was considered to be completed. Its design is similar to Fort Breendonk, Fort Ertbrand and Fort Liezele. Being a fort of the Hoofdweerstandstelling it features a smaller number of artillery cupolas than first order designs. It has two merged caponnieres and a back/rear caponniere to defend the intervals between forts and redoubts. It is surrounded by a wet moat and is part of the Hoofdweerstandstelling.

Armament – Fort Second Order

  • 2x 150mm fortress gun
  • 6x 120mm fortress gun
  • 8x 75mm
  • 18x 57mm

Commander 1914 – Captain Van der Eycken

Current condition – The Fort of Broechem sustained considerable damage during the Great War. It was shelled by heavy siege artillery in 1914; the traditoire battery was hit as was the main building. On the 7th of October the defenders left the fort and regrouped near Zwijndrecht. During the interbellum it was refitted and pillboxes between the fort, Fort Kessel and the redoubt of Massenhoven were built. They are still present in the landscape. The fort can no longer be accessed using the main entrance, part of the moat has been filled with dirt. After WW II British forces occupied the base. Fort Broechem is still an army base and the Province of Antwerp owns the nearby terrain.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.