Fort IV Mortsel

Description – Fort IV is located near Mortsel and next to an important railroad that connects Antwerp with Brussels, Mechelen and the Campine region.

Construction & Armament – Fort Mortsel is considered to be a typical brick work Brialmont defensive structure. It is also known as fort Cpt. Wagner, and fort Oude God (Vieux Dieu). The fort features a wet moat, a central reduit, artillery entrance. It is the only fort that is equipped with rear defensive brickwork structures. Just before the great war it was reenforced with (unarmed) concrete.

Armament –

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Current condition – The fort itself is in good condition due the fact that the Belgian Army (ABL) continued to occupy the fort after the Second World War until 1980; it was nominated as a site of heritage and some parts have been restored. You can visit the fort free of charge during office hours but the central reduit is not always accessible.

Sources – Own Elaboration; De Wit, G.