Fort Kapellen

Description – The fort of Kapellen is located near Kapellen guarding the railroad connecting Antwerp to Rosendaal. It is a small concrete fort.

Construction & Armament – The fort was made out of unarmed concrete and construction commenced in 1893 and. In 1897 the fort was considered completed but installing armaments took until 1900. Being a fort of the Hoofdweerstandstelling it features a smaller number of artillery cupolas than the full fledged forts nearby. It is surrounded by a wet moat.

Armament – Fort Kapellen

  • ?x 150mm fortress gun
  • ?x 120mm fortress gun
  • ?x 57mm

Commander 1914 – ?

Current condition – The fort did not see any action 1914 and it was disabled by the garrisson when they retreated to the Netherlands. The fort was refitted during the interbellum. Today it is part of the army base of Brasschaat and a tank museum is located nearby. The fort is in quite bad condition since the moat has been filled on one part, the main building served as a practice shooting range. Some windows are bricked up. The site is off limits to visitors, a tour might be possible upon request. The fort cannot be accessed using the main entrance since a canine training association is located on this premises. A railway junction leading to the Polygon of Brasschaat runs next to the fort.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.