Fort Liezele

Description – The fort of Liezele is a concrete (armored) fort of the second order with merged caponnieres. It is part of the hoofdweerstandstelling and is located in the southern corner of the Antwerp defensive positions. This fort guarded a strategic railroad towards Antwerp. To the east one finds the Redoubt of Puurs on the left and the Redoubt of Letterheide to the east.

Construction & Armament – The fort was made out of unarmed concrete and construction commenced in 1906. In 1914 it was considered to be completed. Its design is similar to Fort Breendonk, Fort Broechem and Fort Ertbrand. It features a smaller number of artillery cupolas than first order designs. It features two merged caponnieres and a back/rear caponniere to defend the intervals between forts and redoubts. It features a wet moat.

Armament – Fort Second Order

  • 2x 150mm fortress gun
  • 6x 120mm fortress gun
  • 8x 75mm
  • 18x 57mm

Commander 1914 – Capt. Fiévez

Current condition – The Fort of Liezele took part in the siege of Antwerp in 1914 but not suffer from any bombardment .  The nearby village of Liezele is burnt to the ground in order to allow the fort to control the entire surrounding area. It would also prevent any German forces to occupy the village and thereby gaining a small bridgehead. When the Redoubt of Letterheide wants to surrender the fort commander threatens to open fire on deserters. On October 10 the commander surrenders the fort after an appeal by the city of Antwerp’s civil authorities.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.