Fort Montebello

Description – The fort of Montebello /lunet Lier was part of the Antwerp defensive city wall. It was built in support of the citadel and guarded the Begijnenpoort gate. To the lunet of Saint Laureis was located southwest.

Construction & Armament – This fort constructed in 1814 featured a wet moat and four ramparts. These ramparts add up to a roughly spearheaded design. It had only one entrance to the north and a crenelated wall facing the city. Since it is not known whether there was a garrison stationed on a permanent basis one might refer to it as a redoubt.

Armament –

  • ?x Cannon

Current condition – The fort of Montebello was considered an integral part of the city defenses and as such it retained this status. During the siege of 1832 it was bombarded and captured by French forces. It became a base of operations until the citadel surrendered on the 23th of December.  The Belgian Army occupied the site but the citadel was ordered to be abandoned from 1870 onward. Most of the structures are presumed to be destroyed when the city of Antwerp expanded. A street name refers to the former fort.

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