Fort Oosterweel

Description РThe fort of Oosterweel was located northwest of Antwerp and named for the nearby village of Oosterweel (Austruweel). Built near a strategic bend of the river Scheldt it controlled the main access to Antwerp. This fort was also known as Fort Piémontel (Fort Pimentel) or fort alhier to the nearby village. It should not be confused with the later fort Austruweel located on the left bank of the river Scheldt.

Construction & Armament – The fort was built in 1635 featuring earth works (palisades). It featured a square shape and was protected by a wet moat. The Scheldt dyke was connected to the outer defensive rampart of the fort.

Armament –

  • ?x Cannon

Current condition – Remains of the fort are still present on the Ferraris map of 1778. It seems the fort fell into disrepair. Subsequent demolition followed in 1782. During the construction of later forts (Noorderfort and Noordkasteel) debris and traces of occupation were discovered. No known remains of this fort still exist today. Some sources claim this fort is actually located near the former village of Oorderen.

Sources – Own elaboration;