Fort Vlaams Hoofd (I)

Description – The fort of Vlaams Hoofd (I) was located on the left bank of the river Scheldt. It was named for the county of Flanders to which it belonged. Other names are Fort Saint Anne for the chapel that was built near a small village. Later ferry services between Saint Anne (Sint Anne/Sint Anneke) lead to the third name: Fort ‘t Veer. This particular fort was constructed in 1576 by mercenary armies.

Construction & Armament – The fort was built using timber and earth works, this location had been fortified since the Middle Ages. It closely resembles a triangular schape, sometimes additional earth works improved the fort.

Armament –

  • ?x Cannon

Current condition – The Fort of Vlaams Hoofd (I) was decomissioned and demolished in 1577. Remains are destoryed when a second fort with the same name was built. Fort Vlaams Hoofd (II) was larger and occupied most of the site.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.; Van Meirvenne, R.