Lunet Deurne

Description – The Lunet of Deurne was part of the first line of defensive structures protecting the city of Antwerp after 1851. It was built on a strategic location but was not part of a genuine defensive circle. Sometimes referred to as Lunet 2-3 because its location was between the smaller forts 2 (Deurne) and fort 3 more to the south. Locals referred to it as “halve maan” (half moon) because of its shape.

Construction & Armament – The lunet was built in 1851 featuring earth works (palisades) and it has a triangular shape. It had a wet moat surrounding the ramparts.

Armament –

  • ?x Cannon

Current condition – In 1858 the small forts surrounding forts were completed. By that time it became clear that they could not defend Antwerp and tensions rose because they could be used to bombard the city. Their location made it impossible to include them in future defensive positions so they were declassified or absorbed in the Grote Omwalling.  Lunet 2-3 located at Deurne continued to exist and a military butchery was installed on the site. Several buildings were erected. The lunet was demolished and a laboratory and research facility was built on its premises.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.