Redoubt Dryhoek

Description – The redoubt of Dryhoek was built between Fort Brasschaat and Fort Schoten. Named for the Dryhoek (Driehoek) commune it secured the road to Breda (Bredabaan) and is a standard redoubt of the hoofdweerstandstelling. It did not see any action during the Great War as it was lost to German forces on 9th of October (and possibly partly rendered useless) by the retreating garisson. Later it was incorporated in the 1917 Hollandstellung.

Construction & Armament – This concrete redoubt was constructed between 1909 and 1912. It is considered to be standard redoubt featuring artillery and secured the interval between two adjacent forts. The redoubt featured a wet moat and during war time the garrison entailed units from Fort Brasschaat or Fort Schoten.  One cupola was built in front of the redoubt: it had one 75mm gun installed. It was part of the hoofdweerstandstelling.

Armament – Hoofdweerstandstelling Redoubt

  • 4x 120mm fortress gun
  • 5x 75mm fortress gun

Current condition – The redoubt of Dryhoek did not see any action in 1914 but it was probably evacuated on 8th of October. Records show that it might have been partly destroyed. In 1917 it became part of the Hollandstellung of the German Army since they feared an allied invasion from The Netherlands. During the interbellum it did not receive a connection to the anti-tank ditch located more to the northeast. It is not know if the redoubt was refitted with bunkers (pillboxes) since the location of the anti-tank ditch is quite a distance to the northeast. After the Second World War is became private property; today club Dixies (Dicies Nouveau) is located in the redoubt. An extra level has been added to the existing two stories redoubt layout.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.