Redoubt Puurs

Description – The redoubt of Puurs (Puers) was built in the southern sector of the Antwerp Fortified Position. It is considered to be a standard concrete redoubt of the hoofdweerstandstelling. It did not participate in fighting during the Great War.

Construction & Armament – This concrete redoubt was constructed between 1909 and 1912. It was a standard design featuring several artillery pieces. The redoubt featured a wet moat and during war time the garrison entailed units from Fort Bornem to the west or Fort Liezele to the east.  One cupola was built in front of the redoubt: it had one 75mm gun installed. It was part of the hoofdweerstandstelling; its main task was to secure the intervals between the forts and guard the railroad Boom-Puurs-Dendermonde.

Armament – Hoofdweerstandstelling Redoubt

  • 4x 120mm fortress gun
  • 5x 75mm fortress gun

Commander 1914 – Capt. Coune

Current condition – The redoubt of Puurs saw only limited action during the siege of Antwerp in 1914. When the fortress of Antwerp had to be evacuated by the Belgian Field Army the garisson tried to reach Dendermonde (Termonde) or tried to cross the Scheldt river at Bornem. During the interbellum it was not refitted with . Today it houses a environmental protection association. It is one of the rare examples of redoubts that still show their original name above the entrance.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.