Redoubt Tallaart

Description – The redoubt of Tallaart is located between Fort Lier and Fort Koningshooikt. It is typical concrete redoubt built to secure the interval between the forts. As part of the hoofdweerstandstelling it was fully armed and was the scene of intense fighting during the siege of Antwerp.

Construction & Armament – This concrete redoubt was constructed between 1909 and 1912. It is considered to be standard redoubt featuring artillery pieces. The redoubt featured a wet moat and during war time the garrison entailed units from Fort Koningshooikt or from Fort Lier.  One cupola was built in front of the redoubt: it had one 75mm gun installed.

Armament – Hoofdweerstandstelling Redoubt

  • 4x 120mm fortress gun
  • 5x 75mm fortress gun

Current condition – The redoubt of Tallaert was involved in heavy fighting during the siege of Antwerp in 1914. Shelling by 305mm and 420mm artillery close to the redoubt took place but the defenders destroyed the main building when the position was abandoned. The eastern wing has been completely wrecked.  During the interbellum it was refitted and bunkers (pillboxes) were constructed since it became part of the KW-defensive position. The damaged redoubt was sold after WW II and the wet moat has partly been filled with earth and dirt. Remains of the redoubt are private property.

Sources – Own elaboration; Gils, R.