Research & Copyright

As is the case with all projects perfection is a distant goal if not attainable at all. This website offers information that might not be free of errors. Therefore we encourage any contribution or comment you might have considering the project and its content. Please contact us if you you want to add or correct something.

As far as resources are concerned MiLANT aims to refer to them whenever possible. Copyright infringement is a serious concern. If you feel your intellectual rights are not being respected please contact us.

Nevertheless we argue that there is a difference between respecting one’s copyright and the deliberate withholding of information. In some cases information, images are maps are not being available to a general public presumable because of “getting a scoop”. MiLANT aims to promote an academic spirit of research, discussion and improved information on the subject of fortifications in Antwerp. This cannot be achieved if information considered public heritage is obscured.

If you need information MiLANT is glad to help you whenever possible. All we ask is that you refer to us promoting improved research and overall knowledge.