Saint Michiel Gate

Description – The Saint Michiel gate (Saint Michael’s Gate) was named after the quarters of Saint Michiel located close to the former Antwerp citadel. It was part of the Grote Omwalling (city defensive wall) to the southeast. The gate was part of the front 11-12. The Scheldt river is found east and the gate of Saint Bernard is located to the west. Close to this gate remnats of an earlier fort were incorporated into the Grote Omwalling.

Construction & Armament – This monumental gate was built using bricks and earth works. The Grote Omwalling entails two defensive moats and intervals called saillants.

Current condition – All remnants of the Spoorweg gate have been demolished in 1931 (?). Later the construction of the Antwerp ring road erased most traces as the southern ringway/motorway junction was built on this site. It is not established if this gate was used during peace time.

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