Special Thanks

We would like to express our gratitude to supporters of our project.  Special mention is given to the men and woman who preserve the forts. Often they do this on a voluntary basis and their dedication is nothing short of remarkable.

Persons (A-Z)
F. Janssens
T. Oliviers
G. Segers
J. Smeyers
J. Van der Cruyssen
R. Van Nunen
Prof. Dr. E. Van Hooydonk
K. Vanbosch
M. Vandamme
Organizations (A-Z)
Antwerpse WaterWerken (AWW)
Gidsenwerking Fort II
Gidsenwerking Fort VIII
Gidsenwerking Fort Kessel
Natuur 2000 Fort Oelegem
Studentenclub Klio Antwerpen
Vesting Antwerpen 1860-1945 (Private Initiative)
Watererfgoed Vlaanderen