Mission Statement

MiLANT is an initiative to document, preserve different buildings and fortifications who are related to the defense of the city of  Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium. They include, but are not limited to: forts, redoubts, military buildings, locks, coastal defense and barracks. Military heritage seems to be a blind spot to a broad non-expert audience except for topics that are related to the Great World or the Second World War. Nevertheless the geography of Flanders, Belgium and the port city of Antwerp made it a hotbed for economic development, political strife and its extention to military engagement in the last 800 years. It is argued therefore that several topics – if presented in an accessible way – can contribute to a general understanding of power, war, peace and developments in our own day. This project includes:

  • Information accessible to a broad international non-expert audience
  • preserving military heritage and offer future perspectives
  • 3D restoration of military buildings and/or structures
  • A general platform linking different heritage associations

The project does not aim to be a full an complete reference to fortifications since such task is almost impossible to bolster. MiLANT does offer an overview of what is out there and pinpoints were you can find specific information. The 3D restoration feature of MiLANT is unique in the sense that it will be the first dedicated project that links state-of-the-art rendering and 3D engines with military heritage in Antwerp. Please check the about section if you need additional info.